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On Wikipedia the definition of QS is as follows : The Quantified Self is a movement to incorporate technology into data acquisition on aspects of a person’s daily life in terms of inputs (e.g. food consumed, quality of surrounding air), states (e.g. mood, arousal, blood oxygen levels), and performance (mental and physical). Such self-monitoring and self-sensing, which combines wearable sensors (EEG, ECG, video, etc.) and wearable computing, is also known as lifelogging. Other names for using self-tracking data to improve daily functioning are “self-tracking”, “auto-analytics”, “body hacking” and “self-quantifying”.

I’ve been “self monitoring” since 2004 and like many others I started out with the original Nike+ sensor and wristband. Long before I discovered QS tools (I didnt even know what QS was back then) I worked with analytics daly in my profession at a telco. I found it fascinating and over the years that fascination has grown beyond my professional life. I started this blog to share the tools I discover as part of my training however QS go’s far beyond performance in sport. On this page I hope to compile a comprehensive list of tools that folks interested in QS can use as a resource. If I’m missing anything please let me know the tool, its function, a category and I’ll get it added to the list.

Guides and Tips

Gadgets & Sensors

  • Amiigo – Wristband and shoe sensor that work together to track personal activity with the ability to differentiate between types of activities
  • Basis – Stylish device that looks like a watch and tracks workouts, heart-rate, and sleep and provides on online health dashboard
  • Beddit – Sleep tracking device
  • BodyMedia FIT – Armband to track physical activity and sleep patterns. Tracking is done by iPhone or Android apps as well as a web service. [my review]
  • Cubesensors – Indoor environment monitoring sensor
  • Fitbit – Tracks fitness and sleep activity data
  • Green Goose – Wireless sensors that can be attached to other items to measure activity
  • iHealth – Multiple health and fitness devices
  • Jawbone Up – Wristband sensor to track physical activity and sleep
  • Lark – Wristband to track physical activity and sleep with software to also track eating and encourage activity
  • Looxcie – Small behind the ear wearable camera to passively record in first person
  • Med Gadget – Personal Activity Monitor to Interface with Sprint Phones
  • Memoto – Affordable lifelogging camera with apps for iOS and Android
  • Muse – Brain sensing headband
  • Nike + Nike Fuelband, Nike+ running app, shoes with sensors, and Xbox Kinect software that allow you to track physical activities.
  • Sano Intelligence – A small wearable sensor to capture real-time blood chemistry
  • Shine – Activity tracker made of aluminum that is waterproof and provides wireless sync
  • Vicon Revue – Passive camera that takes snapshots based on Microsoft SenseCam pioneered by Gordon Bell
  • W/ME – A  wristband which provides insight towards our mental state & agility.
  • WakeMate – Records sleep activity data
  • Withings – Wifi body scale & blood pressure monitor. Tracks data and has iOS & Android apps
  • Zendrive – Capture data about your driving habits to improve them.
  • Zeo – Tracks sleep activity data


  • Argus – Tracks data across multiple activity tracking devices and services to provide insights
  • Average Sleep – Calculate your average night of sleep if you have a Zeo with this app
  • Bodywise – Track over 40 areas of your health and fitness to improve your wellbeing
  • Cardiio – Touch free heart rate monitor
  • Digifit – Track all your workouts
  • Daytum - Manually record and organize any type of daily activities
  • Endomondo – Track workouts, challenge friends, and analyze the resulting data
  • Eventflow – A digital life recorder (Android)
  • Everyday - Take a photo of yourself every day and publish to other sites and create a personal slideshow
  • Ginger.io - A behavioral analytics platform that turns mobile data into health insights.
  • In Flow – Aims to help you to better understand yourself and your ever-changing mood
  • Instant Heart Rate – Track heartrate simply by using your finger
  • ITrackMyTime – Visualize your daily activities
  • Lifelapse – Wearable pouch around the neck and app to passively use your iPhone to record video
  • MapMyRun – A location tracking running app
  • Moodpanda - Track Mood daily
  • Mealsnap - Take a photo of the meal you eat, and then get an estimate of how many calories your meal was
  • Momento – An app that will aggregate data across multiple services into a calendar view and let you manually record your own diary as well
  • Moves – A nice simple and visual app for activity tracking that uses the accelerometer built into your phone
  • Mymee – Easily log and track many vitals for health to learn what triggers various issues
  • One Second Everyday – Create a video timeline by recording one second every day
  • Quotidian – Software to visualize time and events
  • Quentiq – An app & service to track fitness activities from several devices as well as manually entered that takes the data to calculate a “health score”
  • Rseven – Records all mobile activity (sms, mms, calls, photos, video, etc.) to a calendar display
  • RunKeeper – Tracks running activity data
  • Saga – Lifelogging app for iOS and Android that captures quite a bit of your activity passively using your phone’s built-in sensors.
  • Sleep bot – A truly simple way to track and improve your sleep
  • Sleep Cycle – Tracks sleep activity data
  • Sleep Time – Tracks your sleeping
  • Stress Check – Determines stress level by monitoring heart rate
  • Tableau Public – Software that can take raw data and create extremely nice interactive visualizations that you can publish on the web
  • Tonic Self Care Assistant - Remember and track all health and wellness activities
  • Weight Record – Track your weight and other metrics
  • Zen Log – iOS app to manually track personal metrics such as mood and sleep quality

Web Services

  • Beeminder – Create goals and then aggregate data from multiple activity trackers and services to track progress
  • Bedpost – A service to track and provide insight into your sex life
  • Everylog – Log anything you want and even setup a leaderboard to compete with friends
  • HonestBaby – App to allow for child development tracking
  • Mercury App – Micro-journaling with analytics. Choose something to track daily with a rating
  • Microsoft HealthVault - organize, store, and share health information online
  • Moodscope – Track your mood daily and gain insights
  • RescueTime – Passively tracks computer usage activity
  • Sen.se – Track daily activities with your own metric definition. Many other filters and apps for the data available as well.
  • Slife – Similar to RescueTime by tracking computer usage activity
  • Traqs.me – Aggregate activity across multiple devices and access via visual dashboard and reports
  • uMotif – Track personal stats data and achieve goals in a simple and beautiful interface

Data Aggregation Services

Smart Journals

wrote a primer on this new breed of apps, software and cloud services that let us create journals along with aggregating our personal data created on other services.

Health Services

  • Inside Tracker – Provides blood analysis with actionable data to improve your health
  • Ubiqu Health – Track migraines both on the web and mobile
  • WellnessFX – Get lab tests with detailed information about health data


Credit to http://lifestreamblog.com/ for compiling the original lis